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Some nice shots of one of the featured MUTO monsters in this trailer.

Godzilla 2014 - Vimeo
The Day of the Doctor:

This will probably get taken down quick, but it's nice to finally see it:
A new trailer for the live action Gatchaman film is out: Gatchaman Trailer

I'm missing the more direct bird motif on their armour/uniforms, but this at least looks more like Gatchaman than the new anime series coming out.
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I'd heard rumours about them making another series of this, but hadn't realised they were actually this far along.

You can see a 4 minute preview (in French) here:…

Wonder if we'll be seeing a new Ulysses 31 anytime soon! :P
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Just thought I'd change my front page a little and put up a new journal.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to show a couple of new commissions I've had done:

Alan 'The Boy' Boyd:



Drawn by :iconjamiefayx: and coloured by :iconarzeno:

Invincible One:

Drawn and Coloured by :iconarzeno:

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So I was thinking about closing this DA account and opening another one to replace it,
but I'm not really sure how different it would be from what's here now for it to be worth doing.
If I did, I had thought about just closing this one for now until I've decided what to do,
but then I might just become too lazy to bother opening another page here.
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Both :iconadamwithers: & :iconcomfortlove: have been nominated for not one, but two, Harvey Awards! For their creations 'Rainbow in the Dark' and 'The Uniques Tales'.

To any comic creators/writers/artists/other out there, go over to Comfort's latest journal over here and have a read:… And please vote for these awesome guys if you're able to!
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I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing, but as it's for my friend :iconjaiden89: I'll make an exception this time! :D

David Philip Hammond (I hate my middle name. Hate. It.)

2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle)
Davizzle (That sounds really, really unimpressive :O_o:)

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)
Red Tiger (I was just going to choose "cat" but I loved my last pet as he sort of looked like a Tiger!)

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
Hamda (Sci-fi relative of the Panda?)

5. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink)
Blue Water (It's sort of cool that it's like "Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water" but, it was also the name for a short range British nuclear missile of the early 1960s :omg:)

6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name)
Amphidond (Sounds more like a prehistoric amphibian...)

7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (both parents middle name)
Michael Victoria (It'd sound better the other way round, but I'm not a girl =p)

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)
Black Max (Erm, yeah...)

9. NINJA NAME: (First two letters of your first name added with Ruto)
Daruto (Now that makes me think of Doritos)

10. PIRATE NAME: (Your middle name after the word Captain)
Captain Philip (Okay, that's actually more unimpressive sounding than Davizzle...)

11. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (your middle name and street you live on/or neighborhood if it's a number)
Philip Nelson (It's half decent anyway... =p)

12. YOUR HOOD NAME: (first 3 of your first name, and add -iqua)
Daviqua (Okaaay, not quite sure what to make of that... :O_o:)

13. YOUR JAPANESE NAME: (1st consonant and vocal of your first name, 1st consonant and vocal of your last name, and add -chan for girl/or -kun for boy)
Dahamkun (Sounds like something I'd hear playing Street Fighter 2...)

I hope I got that all right! :aww:
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NeverMinds is now available for sale in both print and PDF form.

You can check out the preview of the cover and the first 6 pages within the Neverminds gallery, by just following the 'Drumfish Productions' link below.

You can get your print copy here:…

Or you can get it in PDF format here:…

Written by :iconrichbernatovech:

Drawn by :iconjamiefayx:

Coloured by :iconarzeno:

NeverMinds is produced by: :icondrumfishproductions:

The Uniques Tales is back with the eighth story written by Jon Lock: The calm before the storm. You can read the latest story, and the previous seven, by following this link:

Cover art is by :iconjosh-finney: and :iconkat-rocha:

The story was drawn by :iconfooray:

The Uniques is the creation of :iconadamwithers: and :iconcomfortlove:
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Comfort Love and Adam Withers, creators of The Uniques, have released the first part of The Uniques Tales today! The Uniques Tales are a spinoff series of The Uniques and is available for free right from their website here:

The first run of The Uniques Tales is a series of short stories featuring characters and events from throughout The Uniques universe's past, leading up to the present. Each story will take place in a decade of the world history starting with the 20's and going until modern day - 1990's in The Uniques timeline.

There will be nine stories in total, releasing the first Wednesday of every month from now until November.

This first issue 'The Existence of Angels' written by Jon Lock, featuring cover and interior art by :icondel-borovic: with interior colours by :iconvest: and pin-up by :iconjamiefayx: can be read here:…
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These are my ten personal favourite tracks from 2000-2009. I found it pretty tough to choose at first, from the start I had about six I knew straight away but I had to whittle the others down. Even then I had about seven others I could've just thrown in there, so I had to think hard about which ones really meant something:

"Crystal" - New Order:…
"Piece by Piece" - Feeder:…
"Idle" - The Music:…
"Four Ton Mantis" - Amon Tobin:…
"Fez-Being Born" - U2:…
"Map of the Problematique" - Muse:…
"Dream On" - Depeche Mode:…
"The Bones of You" - Elbow:…
"Undisclosed desires" - Muse:…
"Keep Your Distance" - Amon Tobin:…

So what are your ten personal favourite tracks from the last nine years, there's no limitation on what you can put forward :aww:
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Just thought I'd mention another couple of commissions I'd had done by Felsus    Ecomancer:… and Two-Spirit:…
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Just thought I'd change my journal, I'll also use this clearly inspiration lacking entry to pimp a commission that Felsus has recently made for me, of The Boy & Red Blooded:… :D
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While looking up some stuff on Gatchaman I came across A new poster for Imagi's CGI Gatchaman film, this one features G-2 Joe Asakura:… The costume design seems to have changed from the previous posters and concept art seen.
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Hey there :)

:iconaerones: has been busy setting up his new webcomic project called Chain of Descent:…

So I thought I'd do a bit of free promotion for him :aww: He's a friendly guy, so if you check it out I'm sure he'd love to hear your feedback about it, be it positive, negative, or both.

Laterz :D
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:iconthe-angel-of-angels: is now offering sketch style commissions, if you're interested (and why shouldn't you be?) you should check him and his awesome work out at the link above ^_^

Laterz :)
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