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The Padre by clefchan by Amasov The Padre by clefchan by Amasov

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This spectacular piece of my OC The Padre was created for me by the extraordinarily talented Clefchan: :iconclefchan:

You can see more of her awesome work by following the link above.


Title: The Padre
Other title(s): The Unknown Warrior
Occupation: Hero/Vigilante
Real Name: Unknown
Other Alias(es): John Smith
Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Unknown
Born: May 19, 1989 (Assumed)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Unmarried partner; Alexis Russell
Personality: Realist (secretive with it)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 187lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Current Location: London, England
Nationality: British
Origin of Power: "Will of the Kingdom"
Group Affiliation: The Few
Group Members: The Boy, Red Blooded, Hero, Archeress
Other Affiliation(s): U.N.I.T.E. The Hour-Men
Main Adversaries: Ramon A Solomon, Dead Head
Other Adversaries: The Shadow People, The Clerics
Group Adversaries: The Shadow Brood, Twilight, Abhor
Status: Active


Crusader Sword: Buried with the Unknown Warrior back in 1920. Used mainly as a tool, the sword is rarely used for combat and even then only in extreme circumstances, this is mainly due to the dull edge of the blade itself.

Line Throwing Gun: Multi-barreled muzzle. Fires a blank cartridge that propels the rocket and grappel line that are inserted into the muzzle section.

Blood Energy: The colour of his irides will change from blue to blood red, his hands will turn a similar shade of red. There is also a faint glow can be observed around his hands. This power acts as an energy inhibitor, when using it he is able to slowly weaken his opponent into an unconscious state. This can be achieved by grappling with them until they no longer have the strength to resist; he can also use this power in hand-to-hand combat, however this may kill his adversary if used for any substantial length of time as the energy greatly increases the toll of the physical impacts, they would eventually become permeated with this energy and their body's ability to heal would cease to function. This ability also offers him some Psionic resistance.

Blood Link: He has exhibited the ability to obtain information from any source of human blood. This enables him to relive the last moments or events leading up to just before the blood left the body of the victim. As before his eyes iris colour will change to blood red, his hands will also turn a similar shade of red, and a faint glow can be observed around his hands while using this power.

Other Abilities/Skills:

Bartitsu: Martial art and self-defense technique created by Edward William Barton-Wright in England during the late 19th and early 20th century.

Other Items/Possessions:

The Padre's Flag: The flag that covered the Unknown Warrior; nearly the only one of the million British and Empire war dead ever returned to his homeland on the 11th of November, 1920. The flag originally belonged to army chaplain, David Railton. When the Unknown Warrior was finally returned home, the coffin was draped with Railton's war-torn Padre's Flag. He had used the flag as an altar cloth at countless services on the Western Front, it had been carried through thick and thin, through parades, medal ceremonies and on countless marches through mud, and blood. He carries the flag with him as he believes it to have some significance to his real identity. When he first awoke after the incident that gave him his power, he found himself naked and crumpled on the floor of Westminster Abbey, tightly gripping the flag in his hands.

Personal History:

"Beneath this stone rests the body
Of a British Warrior
Unknown by name or rank...

The psyche of the people of Great Britain has slowly been absorbed down through the ages via ancient ley lines. At certain times of great distress or unrest this psionic energy "hiccups" causing it to be released violently somewhere down these lines. Across one such ley line resides the mysterious London Stone, an ancient stone that was believed to have existed since Roman times. What purpose the stone fulfilled is not certain but this relic has been recognised as the symbolic authority and heart of the City of London for many hundreds of years now.

It was used often as the location where deals were forged, and even more oaths were sworn. It had been stated that Queen Elizabeth I's adviser and personal occultist, John Dee, was greatly obsessed with the stone, believing that it had magic powers. However very few sorcerers could obtain any real mystical power from it and even then it quickly faded from their grasp. Then there were the persistent rumours of mysterious guardians, these "Defenders of the Stone" who are sworn to protect the past and future of the City of London. They are said to ensure the stone and any mystical powers it may have remains intact, for it had been stated that "So long as the stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish."

The ley line which this "heart of stone" is located along is believed to link together some significant places, due to this the stone has been said to be the mystical centre point of London and maybe even Britain herself. The relic acts like a transducer which when fully charged unleashes a tremendous amount of psychic energy; the power that had been released was said to have caused many of the unusual and unresolved incidents that have occurred down the years. These events have been lovingly nicknamed the "Will of the Kingdom" by the local population. It was during one such incident that the startling theft of the body of the Unknown Warrior from his tomb in Westminster Abbey happened, along with the war-torn Padre's Flag which was located in a nearby chapel. The theft itself was not the key concern though; the tomb where the body had been laid to rest decades ago was said to have been breached from the inside out.

You can read more about 'The Eleventh Hour' Character/Group backgrounds here:…


After coming up with the idea for The Padre back in the late 90's I then had to think about what powers, if any, he was going to have. For a good long while I'd thought of using a modified version of claircognizance; the ability to gain information psychically by means of intrinsic knowledge. This however wound up becoming the power for two other characters, the heroine Augment and the villain Noesis. So the search continued, I'd quickly latched onto the idea of some sort of "psychic melee" but never really felt happy with it*, after going through a few others and ultimately not settling on anything, I decided to turn my attention to design choices for some of the other characters in my group.

It was during the development of Red Blooded that I toyed with the idea of some sort of hybrid between normal psychic powers and some type of ability generated from blood. I quickly put upon the idea that he would use it as some type of energy inhibitor, it would stop the body's cells from producing energy causing a larthargic state and eventually unconsciousness, even death if used for too long. I'd developed the last part in conjunction with what I'd then planned to use as The Padre's arch-nemesis; a villain that I'd nicknamed Dead Head.

This side effect to The Padre's main power allowed me to temper and better form his abilities, he couldn't just keep an opponent of his unconscious all the time, nor could he use his power on them again immediately when they regained consciousness either.

* Incidently I'd eventually use that type of "psychic melee" for one of the periphery characters in the universe.


All Artwork Copyright © 2008 clefchan. All Rights Reserved.
"The Padre" Copyright © 2008 David Hammond. All Rights Reserved.
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