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The Boy by clefchan by Amasov The Boy by clefchan by Amasov

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This spectacular piece of my OC Alan "The Boy" Boyd was created for me by the extraordinarily talented Clefchan: :iconclefchan:

You can see more of her awesome work by following the link above.


Title: None
Other title(s): None
Occupation: Vigilante
Real Name: Alan Boyd
Nickname(s): "The Boy"
Identity: Public
Place of Birth: Brighton, England
Born: August 30, 1990
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: Domestic partnership; Danya Sudakov
Personality: Spontaneous Idealist (though provocative and somewhat self-destructive)
Current Location: Brighton, England
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Nationality: English
Origin of Power: None
Group Affiliation: The Few
Group Members: The Padre, Red Blooded, Hero, Archeress
Other Affiliation(s): The Hour-Men
Main Adversary: Kinglet
Other Adversaries: Flower Child, Soul Hate & Painstem, The Necroz
Group Adversaries: The Shadow Brood, Twilight, Abhor
Status: Active
Other: Ring lip piercing, lower right side.


Plate Gloves and Boots: After his limited time as a professional kickboxer Alan shifted his attention to street fighting. He modified his gloves and boots with small, highly durable, metal plates which he uses to cause as much damage as possible to his opponents.

Personal History:

Alan Boyd is the only son of Ray and Mona Boyd. He was extensively bullied in school and would often disappear for days at a time; Alan would often always return home after such absences covered in relatively superficial injuries. By the age of twelve he undertook kickboxing as a means of letting out his frustrations of those around him, eventually at fifteen he went on to do so professionally. This lasted for just over a year, his extensive aggression combined with the tragic news of his mother's death and his father's disappearance during an overseas trip resulted in him losing his temper and seriously injuring one of his sparring partners. After leaving the kickboxing arena he took up street level fighting in and around his hometown; in the last couple of years Alan had grown more and more confident, this combined with his long buried, provocative, personality coming to the foreground meant that he was soon involved in some of the most brutal riots the city had seen.

He was helped through this troubled time by two of his old school friends; the petite Belle Durand and her sulky boyfriend Nicolas Moreau. They engaged Alan in a number of "acceptable" social pastimes in the hope of dissuading him from his self-destructive behaviour. It was during these nights out a few years later that Alan found another therapeutic outlet in the form of Danya Sudakov; a refugee from the Necrotization Incident that started in Saint Petersburg three years prior. They trained and socialised together over the next few months to the point where the two of them became inseparable. This tight unit though was about to be shaken up with the news that Belle had been found in a comatose state with Nicolas missing, presumed dead. Their flat had been torn apart, along with half of Brighton by the entity that would eventually become known as The Eternal.

Alan once more fell back into his old routine, with nightly incursions into the now devastated areas of Brighton where he would engage in fights against overwhelming odds, usually against the gang members controlled by the local thug boss known as Kinglet. Though he would almost always win these contests, he'd return home more often than not badly beaten and psychologically distraught. Danya, who had become intimately close to Alan had been tending to his wounds after each fight, had also begun to feel the strain of their current situation. After hearing of a number of "unnatural" incidents involving a few masked vigilantes in and around London, Danya hatched a plan to relocate there; it was a few days before their intended move to the city however that The Eternal once again returned to our reality, this time right in the centre of London itself. Knowing that Belle had been transferred to Middlesex Hospital in the city for medical care, Alan quickly persuaded Danya to set out for the capital to try and save their close friend before they lost her forever.

You can read more about 'The Eleventh Hour' Character/Group backgrounds here: [link]


All Artwork Copyright 2008 *clefchan. All Rights Reserved.
"The Boy" Copyright 2008 David Hammond. All Rights Reserved.
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August 29, 2008
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